'Borman approaches her topic with huge enthusiasm and a keen eye for entertaining...this is a very human story of a remarkable family, full of vignettes that sit long in the mind.' Dan Jones, The Sunday Times ... read more

The Private Lives of the Tudors: Uncovering the Secrets of Britain's Greatest Dynasty


 Australian History

'They have left here today!' he calls to the others. When King puts his hand down above the ashes of the fire, it is to find it still hot. There is even a tiny flame flickering from the end of one log. They must have left just hours ago. MELBOURNE, 20 AUGUST 1860. In a... read more

Burke and Wills (HB)

MIDDLE AGES: The Illustrated History of the Medieval World

The Middle Ages

This is a story of truly heroic deeds during the fall of Singapore, taking munitions and military personnel up and refugees back, of escape and subterfuge as crews prepared f... read more

Courage in the Skies: The Untold Story of Qantas, its Brave Men and Women and Their Extraordinary Role in World War II



"Thanks to their spirituality, asceticism, technical skills and craftsmanship, the Cistercians became one of the most influential monastic orders of the high Middle Ages. Nine centuries ago, when the dynamic energy of the Benedictine order was threatening to ossify into mere grandeur... read more

Cistercian Abbeys

A BBC History magazine Book of the Year and an amazon.com Best Book of the Month Two childhood companions, now matriarchs of two opposing powers, calmly set their menfolk aside and declare that they, as women, are better equipped to organis... read more

Game of Queens: The Women Who Made Sixteenth-Century Europe



Series:The Lamar Series in Western History

A renowned biographer compares the lives and times of American outlaw Billy the Kid and his Australian counterpart Ned Kelly The oft-told exploits of Billy the Kid and Ned Kelly survive vividly in the public imaginations of their respective cou... read more

Wanted: The Outlaw Lives of Billy the Kid and Ned Kelly



A gripping blend of family mystery, contemporary stories and the beautiful and bloody Viking tales, set against the starkly stunning landscape of Iceland. Broadcaster Richard Fidler and author Kari Gislason are good friends. They share a deep attachment to the sagas of Iceland - the true ... read more

Saga Land



On August 1, 1914, on the eve of World War I, Sir Ernest Shackleton and his hand-picked crew embarked in HMS Endurance from London's West India Dock, for an expedition to the Antarctic. It was to turn into one of the most breathtaking survival stories of all time. Even as the... read more

Shackleton's Boat Journey



Series:Brief Histories

This volume tells the story of Christianity through the individual men and women who shaped it. It is a story of colossal undertakings and spectacular successes as well as ferocious intolerance, greed and bloodshed. Bamber Gascoigne traces a clear path through a complicat... read more

Brief History of Christianity

No Description


'You almost feel you are taking that trek with the party as Robert Macklin cites the obstacles - torrential river crossings, dense bush, the Snowy Mountains and more. Macklin covers Hume's public and private life, emphasising his affinity with the coun... read more

Hamilton Hume: Our Greatest Explorer