Photography & Architecture

The second half of the 20th Century was the golden age of press photography. News photographerswould go out into the field with their trust camera and a handful of film with the voice of theirnewspaper editors ringing in their ears. 'Get the shot!' Whether is was a wo... read more

Stop the Presses


 Photography & Architecture

A personal tour of twenty of the UK's most beguiling housesĀ in this much loved area of western England. Author and architectural historian, Jeremy Musson, and Cotswolds-based photographer Hugo Rittson Thomas, offer privileged access to twenty house... read more

Secret Houses of the Cotswolds


 Photography & Architecture

'Moto GP is about the individual's story, the battles between the individuals, the different personalities, the different men that are striving for one goal, to win the world championship'. Freddie Spencer, three-time world champion
Since its ... read more

Moto GP - A Photographic Celebration

Comedian Tim Ross draws inspiration from his acclaimed ABC television series Streets Of Your Town with this selection of short stories from the suburbs. From the beachside holiday house to the backyard pool and the rumpus room, the ar... read more

The Rumpus Room : And other stories from the suburbs

This practical guide by interior design expert, Barty Phillips, will focus on lighting from Victorian times onwards with examples of what you can have in your own home, as well as a social history and the reasoning behind the shapes and colors used ... read more

Vintage Lighting: A Collectors Guide

'Photographing the Microworld' offers an extraordinary insight into the microworld through the lens of a camera, which has magnified the familiar and the unfamiliar living things that surround us. Images of insects g... read more

Photographing the Microworld: The World Through a Photographer's Eyes


 Photography & Architecture

Many of us dream of living by the sea and this is coastal living at its very best . A collection of the world's most stunning waterfront properties. This design and lifestyle book evokes the sound of the surf or the feel of sand between your toes - you will ... read more

Coastal Homes of The World

As a medium of documentation, social commentary, commercial marketing, artistic exploration, and self-expression over the last two centuries, photography has in many ways defined the way we view ourselves... read more

A Chronology of Photography - A Cultural Timeline from Camera Obscura to Instagram

Rick Sammon's Digital Imaging Workshops picks up where his popular Complete Guide to Digital Photography leaves off. The earlier book gave us brief glimpses of the power of digital ima... read more

Rick Sammons Digital Imaging Workshops - Step by Step Lessons on Editing with Adobe Photoshop Elements

Take your photography skills and technique to the next level with this inspiring and informative guide for budding photographers looking to improve their photography repertoire. Featuring a comprehensive range of topics from experimenting with lenses, e... read more

The Advanced Photography Guide

From one majestic nature landscape to the next, this is an iconic collection of National Geographic's photography of the world's most beautiful locations. With vast deserts in twilights, snow-capped... read more

National Geographic Greatest Landscapes: Stunning Photographs That Inspire and Astonish


 Photography & Architecture

Nora Murphy has turned her passion for country house style and its embodiment--her own home in Newtown, Connecticut--into a multimedia juggernaut. Her blog, website, e-magazine, strong presence on social media, and inc... read more

Nora Murphy's Country House Style - Making Your Home a Country House