Dark Emu in the Classroom: Teacher Resources for High School Geography is a rich resource for teachers to use in the Geography classroom. Based on the concepts in Bruce Pascoe's highly acclaimed book Dark Emu, this resour... read more

Dark Emu in the Classroom: Teacher Resources for High School Geography

Would Blaxland, Wentworth and Lawson have ever crossed the Blue Mountains without the help of the local Aboriginal people? The invaluable role of local guides in this event is rarely recognised.... read more

Australia's First Naturalists: The Importance of Indigenous People to Early Zoological Collectors

Spinning Tops & Gumdrops captures a time when `imagination, skill, and daring' was the source of children's play. Quoits and jacks, hide and seek, cricket with a kerosene tin for a wicket, dress ups and charades, can all be seen in... read more

Spinning Tops & Gumdrops: A Portrait of Colonial Childhood

Our Stories: Australian History

Our Stories History Pack


 Australian History

Series:Democracy Trilogy Ser.
Awards:Winner of Stella Prize 2014.

Winner of the Stella Prize, 2014. The Eureka Stockade. It's one of Australia's foundation legends yet the story has always been told as if half the participants weren't there. But what if the hot-tempered, free-spirited gold miners we learned about at schoo... read more

Forgotten Rebels of Eureka, The

The marines on the First Fleet refused to sail without it. Convicts risked their necks to get hold of it. Rum built a hospital and sparked a revolution, made fortunes and ruined lives.
In a society with few luxuries, liquor was p... read more

Grog A Bottled History of Australia's First 30 Years


 Australian History

In October 1827, nine convicts who had endured years of unimaginable cruelty at the hands of the system opted for "state-assisted" escape. Five terrified witnesses--their hands and feet bound--were forced to watch as the chained convicts seized Constable Geo... read more

Closing Hell's Gates - Death of a

Within 24 hours of anchoring H.M. Bark Endeavour in what is now Botany Bay, Captain James Cook did something that many other early mariners did around the Australian coast. He went fishing. Fishing f... read more

Fishing for the Past - Fishing Stories from the First European Explorers on Australian Shores

A treasury of stories, poems and plays celebrating 100 years of The School Magazine Jump into this collection of literary gems. Discover some of the finest writing and illustration from the pages of the longest running children's magazine in the w... read more

For Keeps : A Treasury of The School Magazine

'You almost feel you are taking that trek with the party as Robert Macklin cites the obstacles - torrential river crossings, dense bush, the Snowy Mountains and more. Macklin covers Hume's public and private life, emphasising his affinity with the coun... read more

Hamilton Hume: Our Greatest Explorer

In 1899, on the eve of the Boer War, Captain Charles Cox from Parramatta took 100 Australian cavalrymen to train with the British army in England. These military apprentices became British soldiers as well as Australian one... read more

A Kind of Victory: Captain Charles Cox and His Australian Cavalrymen


 Australian History

Reading Level:4 Non Fiction

For the early settlers who came from crowded cities and long established villages, it must have been extraordinary to find you could pack your belongings onto a bullock dray and head off to rural grasslands out of the reach of medd... read more

The Squatters: The Story of Australia's Pastoral Pioneers