Warm and wise tale about new families. Everyone comments on Meg's sunny smile, and she's put it to good use as a model for her mum's range of bridesmaids' dresses at wedding fairs. It's always been just Meg and Mum, but then M... read more

The Girl with the Sunshine Smile (RA8 IA8-12)


 Dyslexia Friendly and Reluctant Readers

Reading Level:Teen - Grade 7-9, Age 12-14

Few have ever seen her, but all of Laurentum knows the story of Camilla - tied to a spear and thrown across a river by her father as he fled for his life. The Goddess Diana saved the baby, and now it is Camilla's turn to save Laurent... read more

Queen of the Silver Arrow (RA 8+ IA 13+)


 Dyslexia Friendly and Reluctant Readers

Heartwarming adventure from double Carnegie winner.

Joe and the Dragonosaurus (Little Gems IA 5-8)

When the rain threatens to ruin the fun at summer camp, Malik and his friends are tasked with inventing a pram that any baby would love. But when ideas start flowing, tensions run high and it turns out that not everyone agrees on exactly what a baby would ne... read more



 Dyslexia Friendly and Reluctant Readers

Series:Free Lance Ser.

Free Lance has no master - he journeys from village to village and castle to castle, competing in tournaments and working for his keep. The latest tournament is a rotten mess of corruption, rigging and hi-jinks - can Free Lance survive to fight another day?

Free Lance and the Field of Blood (Free Lance #2)


 Dyslexia Friendly and Reluctant Readers

Series:Teen Ser.

Will it be a boy or a girl? Nothing can prepare Jess and Nick for when Jess gives birth to their first - moose. Four legs won't fit into a romper suit and what will grandma say? But there has been a spate of Non-Homo-Sapien births round the country and everyone else is coping, disembowelled labradors apart.

Moose Baby (RA 8+ IA 13+)

When a man returns to his childhood home and visits the derelict tree house in which his father once chose to live, he recalls the past unravelling of his family, the unspoken strangeness of their lives, and the impact on his own adult life.
Beautiful, sparse and insightful storytelling.

The Family Tree

Izzy and Asha need a space to call their own away from difficult families, the Skull brothers, and the trouble they bring. But the derelict building site where they stake their claim already belongs to something else: a wilderness they never expected and an inj... read more

Run Wild

Everything on the Island of Ashes is grey, from the weather to the castle, the grass and the flowers. But then the red boat arrives, and with it a young man who believes he is cursed - everything he touches turns to colour. Prince... read more

Grey Island, Red Boat (Little Gems IA 5-8)


 Dyslexia Friendly and Reluctant Readers

Evacuated from London at the outbreak of war, Rosie is taken in by kind Mrs Taylor and her daughter Mary...but all is not as it seems. Mary resents and bullies Rosie, and Mrs Taylor is hiding a dark secret. When Rosie comes across a strange gi... read more

Still Water (Super readable)


 Dyslexia Friendly and Reluctant Readers

Series:8 To 12 Ser.

Taka must prove himself in a dangerous mission to become a ninja. Thrilling adventure from the author of the Young Samurai books

First Mission (Ninja #1)

A World War Two-set chiller from the author of The Tales of Terror, perfect for fans of Darren Shan and Neil Gaiman.During the Blitz, Bill wishes he had a brother rather than his sister. After the raid, the family find and adopt a badly mutilated boy, hi... read more

Flesh and Blood