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Series:Ladybirds for Grown-Ups Ser.

THE PERFECT GIFT for people who value friendship, uncompromising love, dribble, chewed up furniture and miles and miles of walking to go to the toilet. __________________________________ 'The dog is often called a man's best friend. Dogs are reliable, loya... read more

The Dog (The Ladybird How it Works)

Baby animals don't play with toys. They don't have favourite colours. And they don't learn songs unless for self-defence. In this beautifully illustrated compendium of sweet and sad facts, Brooke Barker takes us into the world of baby animals and shows us just ho... read more

Sad Animal Facts: Baby Talk


 Non-Fiction - General

Series:Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction Ser.

'Cubicle farms are full of enemy combatants begging to be taken out.' WIRED Achieve clandestine ends practically and inexpensively with Desk Wars - perfect for do-it-yourself spy enthusiasts. Follow fully ill... read more

Desk Wars: Make Secret Weapons from Stationery with 30 Models to Build Yourself

A collection of Jon's newspaper features, reworked and with new material, with a common theme: the ways in which people get themselves into wholly irrational bubbles, within which all manner of lunacy makes perfect sense. In Jon's pre... read more

Out of the Ordinary: True Tales of Everyday Craziness

Award-winning travel writer Aaron Millar reveals the greatest wonders of the world and the insider secrets on how to see them at their awe-inspiring best. Featuring selections from around the globe, and a number of new and never-seen-before entries, thi... read more

The 50 Greatest Wonders of the World

In the late nineteenth century, general housework in the British home was so labour intensive that it required an army of servants to undertake it. Since then, the ways in which we look after our homes may have changed dra... read more

Spit and Polish: Old-Fashioned Ways to Banish Dirt, Dust and Decay


 Non-Fiction - General

Reading Level:Teen - Grade 7-9, Age 12-14

Teen counselor Elizabeth Clark created this book for teens as a tool for initiating discussions on sensitive topics. In her research with teens and their world, she became aware of how things have changed for teens in the last 10 years. Internet ac... read more

Love, Sex, and No Regrets for Today's Teens

Is the thought of the 51 trillion pieces of plastic in our oceans keeping you up at night? Don't panic! The war on plastic has begun and you can help! In this book you'll find 101 little things you as an individual can d... read more

F**k Plastic - 101 Ways to Free Yourself from Plastic and Save the World

'Oliver Sacks has become the world's best-known neurologist. His case studies of broken minds offer brilliant insight into the mysteries of consciousness' Guardian In his most extraordinary book, Oliver Sacks recounts the stories of patients lost in th... read more

Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat

A clear-sighted revelation, a deep penetration into the world of Scientology by the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of "The Looming Tower, " the now-classic study of al-Qaeda's 9/11 attack. Based on more than two hundred personal int... read more

Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood, and the Prison of Belief

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Them: Adventures with Extremists


 Non-Fiction - General

Reading Level:16

American military paranoia at its most extreme, insane, amusing -- and alarming Why are they blasting Iraqi prisoners-of-war with the theme tune to Barney the Purple Dinosaur? And why have 100 de-bleated goats been secretly placed inside the Special Forces command centre at Fort Bragg, North Carolina?

The Men Who Stare at Goats